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Oil separators

Mineral oil separators are used for catching and separating of free light liquids (mainly oil liquids) from wastewater. Separators are served for treating of wastewater from industrial production, mechanization production, lay-by and parking areas, wash-cars machines, in places, where is possibility of drip of light liquids or possibility of outflow of light liquids into the environment.

Utilization of mineral oil separators assure the effluent quality as described in Romanian national Standards NTPA – 001 – regarding the effluent quality discharged in natural waters and NTPA – 002  - regarding the quality of wastewaters discharged in public sewers.

The oil separators are modular constructions, with treatment capacity between 1 … 125 dm3/s. For large amount of influent wastewater it is recommended to use 2 or more parallel connected separation units.

The oil separators are designed to be mounted at underground level, and they are realized fully from polypropylene, therefore there is no need for further anticorrosive protection. They can be mounted direct in earth in no carriageable places without any special protection measures taking in account the supplier technical condition prescriptions.

In carriageable places or when a the base position level is under the ground water level, the oil separators should be protected by mounting in concrete tanks, in this case the polypropylene structure of the oil separator will be used as internal encasement of the concrete construction.

Advantageous proposal !!!

  • We can deliver all the necessary equipments for refurbishment of the existing oil separators (coalescent and adsorption filters etc.), to realize a complete upgrading and obtain of an effluent which meet the prescription of the legal permits.
  • The client can realize the tanks and basins of the installation based on the our technical documentation or can use existing tanks which will be adjusted by us. In this case we will supply and mount the equipments and machineries.

SC ECOROM SRL is licensed by the Water and Environmental Ministry in consulting-engineering in field of water quality protection, including design, preparation of the documentations necessary in water management authorization procedures and also execution (construction) of  water engineering works.